REDA is a master's program in energy economics and data analytics for a smart green world
Are you someone who...
Wants to contribute to a sustainable future?
Desires tools to better analyze real-world data?
Believes in behavior-based solutions to our environmental challenges?
Seeks marketable skills to launch your career in energy economics & resource analysis?
Excellent! An M.S. degree through the REDA program is perfect for you.
We are now accepting applications for Summer 2020.
Apply by January 15 to be considered for scholarships
Alumni Spotlight

Kathleen Ward (MS'16) works for Navigant Consulting, happily located at its Boulder, Colorado, location. More REDA alumni stories are available in this article.

"The energy field keeps evolving, and I keep learning, which makes it an exciting field for me to be in," says Ward. She specializes in evaluating programs that incentivize energy demand reduction during peak periods. She's also worked with the Nest Learning Thermostat in estimating the impact and annual energy savings for thermostat-enabled events, when the devices self-adjust to save energy during periods of peak use. "I like knowing we're pushing for a more efficient and dynamic energy future," Ward says.

Go beyond the textbook.
Work with real-world data and research problems.
Interact with industry professionals.
Graduate in under one year!
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"REDA provides an opportunity for a deep dive into complicated topics, and students graduate with a marketable quantitative skill set."
5 reasons REDA is perfect for you
1. Graduate in less than one year.
We know you can’t wait to make a difference. That’s why we’ve designed an intensive master’s program that teaches you the skills you need to launch your career, all in under one year!
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2. Rub elbows with industry professionals.
What better way to learn about the industry than jumping right in? Industry professionals deliver seminars about their research, supply data for classroom activities, and mentor students via research projects.
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3. Land your dream job.
Employers recognize the high-quality training that REDA students receive and are eager to hire graduates like you! 89% of REDA alumni have jobs in data analysis, energy, and/or policy.
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4. Earn a degree you can afford.
Not only will our program jumpstart your career as an energy and natural resource analyst, it’s also an excellent deal. REDA program tuition is $34,100. Scholarships available.
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5. Join the REDA family.
Our small class size means you get plenty of individual attention from faculty and staff. The cohort nature of our program fosters peer-to-peer learning and a culture of intellectual curiosity.
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Graduate Training for a Smart Green World

We offer a one-of-a-kind master’s degree designed for students looking to enhance their career opportunities in the energy and natural resource fields.
We are now accepting applications for Summer 2020.
Apply by January 15 to be considered for scholarships.
The 31-credit Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA) program teaches you the analytical skills you need to make a difference in our world, and the accelerated curriculum means you’ll graduate in less than one year.
Our program provides a unique combo of economic theory, quantitative methods in data analysis, and real-world projects to prepare students for challenging and rewarding careers in the fields of energy, resource, and environmental management.